Loving the latest addition to my cookbook collection – Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi. The most creative vegetarian cookbook I have ever come across. Continue reading


About life, cheesecake and other things…

Hello world! After a gap of many months (2+?) I am back here again. More mundane things in life (‘a new job’) have been keeping me occupied. And while one might argue that there is always time that one can squeeze out during the day to keep the blog alive, I have a different view. It was when the blog started feeling like another item in the already long ‘to – do list’ for the day, that I decided to give it a break, for then it sucks all joy out of the blog, defeating the very purpose of its existence. Continue reading

More from the weekend: Swiss walnut & chocolate cake

Finally snapped out of the laziness towards the end of the weekend and decided to bake something from my newest book – Chocolat by Eric Lanlard (of which I very proudly have a chef signed copy, thanks to Taste of Dubai). I think it is impossible to flip through this book and not end up helping yourself to the nearest chocolate stash or better still, bake one of the amazing looking chocolate recipes! I decided on starting with something simple (so simple that Eric writes he used to make this as a kid), the Swiss walnut and chocolate cake (don’t know why it is Swiss though). Really, it is one of the easiest cake recipes I have tried with minimal effort and fantabulous end result.

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Easy weekend lunch: Roasted veggies sandwich

There are many reasons why I love oven roasting as a way to prepare veggies. Continue reading

For the love of paneer… at The Market Cafe

Being a vegetarian Punjabi Delhite (it is not an oxymoron, YES, we do exist!), a special place for paneer in the food section of my heart was inevitable. Having grown up hearing mom go on and on about the benefits of all things milk, some of it did stick and curd and paneer ended up as my picks (I hated milk as is); paneer more so given the versatility of this Indian cheese. The love for paneer has lasted through the years and survived moves across India including a hostel stay where bad paneer dishes were served every alternate day (enough to put most of student population off paneer for life) and a few years in Mumbai where availability of quality paneer was a challenge (unlike the omnipresence of the local neighbourhood dairy supplier in the north parts of India). And now Dubai, where the easiest accessible version for home cooking is the frozen one, far from an ideal solution for a paneer lover (it is suitable only and only for paneer bhurji). So when I do come across a restaurant that serves melt-in-the-mouth paneer, I don’t need a second reason to bookmark it and visit again and again. Continue reading

Weekend kitchen adventures: Tomato chutney

A shot at spicy, garlicky, tomato – onion chutney. Perfect on top of / by the side of anything!

When you have too many different types of tomatoes in the refrigerator and dunno what to do with them. 🙂


Favourites Forever (Part 1) – Cream Centre

As much as I love to eat out and explore new places and food as I do, there are times when you just want to sit back in an old favourite, look at a familiar menu and order the usual. And what better place than Cream Centre to do so. An Indian (read, desi) restaurant to the core, a vegetarian one that too (clearly reasons enough to be on my favourite list, which it has been since my Mumbai days). Continue reading